About Cambridge4Ukraine / Про Cambridge4Ukraine

Cambridge4Ukraine is a volunteer initiative founded by 4 Ukrainians in the UK who decided to do everything and a little more to stop the war in Ukraine. Since then, the group became wider. We met through our activity in Cambridge University Ukrainian Society. Cambridge4Ukraine is a group of volunteers that carries out protests in Cambridge, holds cultural and educational events in support of Ukraine, and assists refugees from Ukraine in finding shelter in the UK. See our Events and  Our projects pages for more information. We are always interested in collaboration with institutions and members of public. 


Andrii Smytsnyuk, Anatolii Pavlovskyi, Stepan Blinder, Olenka Dmytryk

There are a lot of volunteers that are part of Cambridge4Ukraine, and we are very grateful to all who join us. You can see the list of the volunteers working with our 'Homes For Ukraine' assistance project on 'Homes For Ukraine: Assistance' page.

Cambridge4Ukraine - волонтерська ініціатива, заснована 4 людьми з України у Великобританії, котрі вирішили зробити все (і трохи більше) для того, щоб зупинити війну в Україні. Усі з нас познайомилися через активність в Українському товаристві Кембриджського університету. Cambridge4Ukraine - волонтерська група, яка організовує протести в Кембриджі, спілкується з університетами і депутатами, проводить культурні та освітні події на підтримку України, та допомагає біженкам/цям знайти притулок у Великобританії. Більше інформації ви можете знайти на сторінці Події та Наші проєкти.  Ми завжди зацікавлені в колаборації з інституціями та спільнотами. 

Ініціативу заснували:

Андрій Смицнюк, Анатолій Павловський, Степан Бліндер, Оленка Дмитрик.

З нами працює велика команда волонтерок і волонтерів, і ми надзвичайно вдячні усім, хто доєдналися до нас! Ви можете побачити список волонтерок/ів, що працюють з нами над нашим проектом допомоги з візою на сторінці "Допомога з візою".

Our structure and policies / Структура нашої організації та політики

Our projects / Наші проєкти

People / Люди

Current trustees:

Andrii Smytsniuk

Andrii is Chair and Co-Founder of Cambridge4Ukraine. He is responsible for general communication with various teams within our organisation which support displaced Ukrainian people in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. Andrii oversees the Accommodation team which has helped to bring over 160 Ukrainian families to the UK and currently works to bring Ukrainian academics to Cambridge. In professional life Andrii organises Ukrainian Studies events and teaches Ukrainian language as a Senior Teaching Associate at the University of Cambridge. His hobbies include reading, boxing, and running.

Stanislaw Makarchuk

Stanislaw Makarchuk is biophysicist who joined Cambridge4Ukraine in March 2022. Stanislaw focuses more on the help to Ukrainians in Ukraine by organising charity events, Cambridge4Ukraine merchandise and fundraising to help purchase ambulances, medical equipment, and helmets, which are sent to Ukraine. Stanislaw is also collaborating with local organisations to help.

Diana Khripko

Diana joined Cambridge4Ukraine in May 2022 and oversees the team advising on all aspects of finding a job and building a professional career in the UK. Diana has an engineering background in sustainable industrial and energy systems and works in knowledge transfer between academia and industry. In her spare time, she enjoys physical exercising, spending time in nature with outdoor activities and travelling. 

Stepan Blinder 

Stepan is Co-Founder of Cambridge4Ukraine who is responsible for communications. He also organises academic events to raise funds to support displaced Ukrainians. In his professional life, Stepan is a PhD Candidate in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge. He is especially interested in the early modern cultural history of Eastern Europe. 

Anatolii Pavlovskyi

Anatolii Pavlovskyi is a Co-Founder of Cambridge4Ukraine. Anatolii focuses on creating cross-functional teams and working closely with other charities and community organisations in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine. He is actively participating in organising charity and fundraising events to help purchase and deliver ambulances, medical and communication equipment to Ukraine. As a Ukrainian wines brand ambassador he helps to promote Ukraine in the enogastronomic field. Anatolii has an IT Infrastructure engineering background and his professional  skills are focused on automation, digital transformation, reliable infrastructure for large enterprise companies all over the world. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, outdoor activities and travelling.

Svitlana Novoselova

Svitlana is a linguist and designer who joined the Cambridge4Ukraine team in May 2022. Svitlana has been involved in volunteering in Ukraine and Europe. She has worked in centres for people with disabilities, taken part in the organisation of festivals in different countries and worked with refugees. She is currently a member of various teams at Cambridge4Ukraine, including the accommodation team and the English team.

Previous Cambridge4Ukraine trustees:

Olenka Dmytryk (2022-2023). Olenka is a Co-Founder of Cambridge4Ukraine. During has been coordinating different teams, in particular she has set up a media team and was coordinating outreach and communications. She assisted with Cambridge4Ukraine policies' development. She has been responsible for co-organising weekly protests with other groups. She has started the Cambridge4Ukraine Ukrainian community library.  Olenka has background in Slavonic studies and librarianship.  Currently, Olenka is taking a break from volunteering but is advising within the broader operational team.

Nataliia Gubanova (2022-2023) Nataliia set up and has been running many educational and recreational activities for children from the Ukrainian refugee community over 2022. She also organised a number of fundraising events in support of Ukraine and Ukrainian community in Cambridgeshire. Currently, Nataliia is part of the broader operational team of Cambridge4Ukraine and is involved in organising fundraising events.

Victoria Oles (2022-2023) is a marketing executive with a background in linguistics and management. She joined Cambridge4Ukraine in March 2022 to help match Ukrainian refugees with British hosts and provide assistance and advice in visa matters. She has helped to bring about 30 Ukrainian families to the UK so far. Currently, Victoria is part of a broader operational team of Cambridge4Ukraine. She is helping to bring Ukrainian academics to Cambridge and provides general support in organising events aimed at integrating the newly arrived Ukrainians into the local community. 

Zoryana Oliinyk (2022-2023). Currently, Zoryana is part of a broader operational team of Cambridge4Ukraine.